4.2. The Web GUI

To edit your m0n0wall configuration, point your web browser at your m0n0wall box. m0n0wall runs a web server on the standard web port (80) of its LAN connection. When you first connect to your m0n0wall web server, it will ask you for a user name and password. The username is admin and the default password is mono. To improve security, change the password in the General Setup screen.

The default m0n0wall configuration may be sufficient for you. If not, look through each of the screens, described below, to find the specific items you want to change. After you have made and saved your changes on the m0n0wall box, remember to download a backup copy of your configuration to another machine on your LAN.

When you first access the m0n0wall webGUI you will see the System Status screen. Along the left hand side of all screens is a menu to allow you to navigate to other screens. The items under the Interfaces menu heading may be different in your system, depending on how many network interfaces you have and how you have named them. The descriptions in the following sections are organized in the same way as the items in the navigation menu.


Some of the screen shots in the following sections include blurred areas. When you view your m0n0wall screens, these will contain information specific to your system.