1.4. Features

m0n0wall provides many of the features of expensive commercial firewalls, and some you won't find in any commercial firewalls, including:

1.4.1. Components

m0n0wall contains the following software components:

  • FreeBSD components (kernel, user programs)

  • ipfilter

  • PHP (CGI version)

  • thttpd

  • MPD

  • ISC DHCP server

  • ez-ipupdate (for DynDNS updates)

  • Dnsmasq (for the caching DNS forwarder)

  • racoon (for IPsec IKE)

1.4.2. Specifications

  • The m0n0wall system currently takes up less than 5 MB on a Compact Flash card or CD-ROM.

  • On a net4501, m0n0wall provides a WAN <-> LAN TCP throughput of about 17 Mbps, including NAT, when run with the default configuration. On faster platforms (like net4801 or WRAP), throughput in excess of 50 Mbps is possible (and up to gigabit speeds with newer standard PCs).

  • On a net4501, m0n0wall boots to a fully working state in less than 40 seconds after power-up, including POST (with a properly configured BIOS).