Chapter 2. Hardware Compatibility

Table of Contents

2.1. Supported Hardware Architectures
2.2. Supported Standard PC-Based Hardware
2.2.1. Minimum Requirements
2.2.2. Recommended System BIOS Changes
2.2.3. Storage Medium
2.3. Supported Embedded Devices
2.3.1. Soekris Engineering
2.3.2. PC Engines WRAP
2.3.3. Nokia IPxxx boxes
2.3.4. NexCom NexGate Appliances
2.4. Virtualization
2.5. Hardware Sizing
2.5.1. Embedded Devices
2.5.2. Network Cards
2.5.3. Processor
2.5.4. RAM
2.5.5. Storage Medium
2.5.6. High Throughput Environments
2.6. Wireless Cards
2.6.1. Unsupported Cards
2.6.2. Readily Available Cards
2.6.3. Discontinued / Difficult to Obtain
2.7. Ethernet Cards
2.7.1. Supported Cards
2.7.2. ISA Network Cards

2.1. Supported Hardware Architectures

m0n0wall is supported only on the x86 architecture. The types of devices supported range from standard PC's to a variety of embedded devices. It is targeted at embedded x86-based PCs.

This excludes non-x86 devices like the MIPS-based Linksys devices, ARM-based D-Link devices, etc. FreeBSD does not support the MIPS or ARM platforms. For a list of FreeBSD supported platforms, see this page. Some shown there are not yet functional (like MIPS, for example). The only platform supported by m0n0wall at this point is x86.