Chapter 9. PPTP

Table of Contents

9.1. Preface
9.2. Audience
9.3. Assumptions
9.4. Subnetting and VLAN routing
9.5. Setup of m0n0wall software
9.6. PPTP User Setup
9.7. PPTP Firewall Rules
9.7.1. Example of filtered PPTP Rules
9.8. Setting up a PPTP Client on Windows XP™
9.8.1. Testing our PPTP Connection in Windows ™
9.9. Some things I have found not to work over the PPTP Connection

This chapter is based on Francisco Artes' m0n0wall-PPTP document, used with permission.

9.1. Preface

This chapter is intended to outline several different PPTP VPN type setups, it includes a how-to on setting up a Windows XP ™ PPTP client to connect to the m0n0wall PPTP VPN server. Later versions of this document will include Linux and other clients.

All Trade Marks ™ are represented in this document, and no intention is made that this document, m0n0wall, or the author are in any way related to any of the companies holding these Trade Marks. All Trade Marks are copy written by their respective companies.

The terms firewall and m0n0wall are used synonymously in this chapter. This is mostly because it is easier to say and type “firewall”.