Chapter 3. Setup

Table of Contents

3.1. Getting the Software
3.2. Installing the Software
3.2.1. Preparing a bootable CD
3.2.2. Preparing a CompactFlash or IDE Hard Disk
3.2.3. Alternative means of installation
3.3. Booting m0n0wall

This chapter acts as a quick reference for those who are familiar with installing and configuring m0n0wall. If you need more than a quick reference on what commands to use to write a CD, CF, HD, etc. please see the Quick Start Guide appropriate to your platform.

Soekris Quick Start Guide

PC Quick Start Guide

WRAP Quick Start Guide

3.1. Getting the Software

There are ready-made binary images for the net45xx/net48xx communication computers from Soekris Engineering and the Wireless Router Application Platform (WRAP) from PC Engines, a CF/IDE HD image for most standard PCs (embedded ones may work, too), a CD-ROM (ISO) image for standard PCs as well as a tarball of the root filesystem.

To download the software for your platform, point your web browser at and select the appropriate download link from that page. Download the file to your working machine from which you will be writing to either a CD-R or a CompactFlash as described in the next section.