5.4. What next?

So you now have m0n0wall configured and working - now what next?

5.4.1. m0n0wall Announcements List

If you are running m0n0wall, we strongly suggest subscribing to the announcements mailing list by sending a blank email to <m0n0wall-announce-subscribe@lists.m0n0.ch>. This is a very low volume list that can only be posted to by Manuel Kasper. It might get 10 messages a year. It's important to subscribe so you are kept up to date on any new releases, and will know if any security issues are discovered.

5.4.2. m0n0wall Documentation Announcements List

You might also wish to subscribe to the documentation updates list if you want to keep up to date on major changes to the m0n0wall documentation. Send a blank email to <m0n0wall-doc-announce-subscribe@lists.m0n0.ch> to subscribe. This list can only be posted to by Chris Buechler, and is very low volume with typically less than 10 messages per year.

5.4.3. Explore the Possibilities

m0n0wall is capable of much more than the basic two interface LAN/WAN setup you now have running. Peruse the m0n0wall Handbook for information on implementing more of m0n0wall's capabilities.